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As the makers of the original iKettle, the world’s first wifi kettle we have developed intelligent software that works seamlessly with your smartphone. Now you can pop the kettle on from anywhere in the house, saving you two days a year in wasted waiting time!

The all new Smarter Coffee and iKettle 2.0 take our technology to the next level allowing for more customisation and control, continuing our revolution of the kitchen.

Tea, Coffee and Technology

We are passionate about three things. Tea, coffee and technology! These things drive not only us as a company but also as individuals and have been instilled in our new Smarter product line.

Kettles and coffee machines are used in our homes every day and we want to ensure that they work around us, smoothly and efficiently.

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Smarter iKettle 2
Smarter iKettle 2
Edelstahl Wifi Wasserkocher mit Temperatureinstellung, 1,8L iKettle 2.0 aus Edelstahl ist der Nachfolger des weltweit ersten Wifi-Wasserkochers macht Ihr Zuhause noch smarter. iKettle 2.0 wartet auf mit neuem, schnittigem Design,...
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