Unser Partner DangerousThings hat billige "Animal ...

Unser Partner DangerousThings hat billige "Animal ID" Implantate getestet... das Ergebnis sollte zu denken geben... alle getesteten billigen "Animal ID" Implantate zeigten Verfärbungen an - eine Indikation auf Bleihaltigkeit im Glas! Sowas gehört weder in unsere Haustiere und erst recht nicht in uns Menschen!

Aus diesem Grund arbeiten wir ausschließlich mit DangerousThings zusammen, da wir uns hier selber vergewissert haben, wie sorgfältig dort getestet wird.

This is an example of why you don't buy crap off Alibaba or any turnkey factory really. We perform several types of tests on everything from materials to finished product, not just on our own stuff but other vendor's products. This "animal implant" was from a turnkey manufacturer and tested positive for lead contamination in the glass! The blue/green colored fluid should be clear, and indicates a heavy contamination level. This is a prime example of a manufacturer not caring if thier cheap product slowly poisons your pet, never considering for a minute that a human being might implant it. This happens way more often than you'd ever imagine. That's why we have a very close relationship with our contracted factories, tightly control our materials, and heavily test our products. #dangerousthings #biohacking #transhumanism #qualitycontrol #safetydance


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