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Omnimind - Brain-Enhancer (45 Kapseln)



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  OmniMind ist ein natürliches Nootropic für alle, die ihre mentale... mehr
Produktinformationen "Omnimind - Brain-Enhancer (45 Kapseln)"
OmniMind ist ein natürliches Nootropic für alle, die ihre mentale Leistungsfähigkeit steigern wollen.

OmniMind ist wissenschaftlich entwickelt, um dich auf die nächste Stufe der geistigen Leistungsfähigkeit zu bringen. 

OmniMind hat schon viele Leistungsträger unterstützt, den nächsten Schritt ihrer geistigen Leistungsfähigkeit zu erreichen. Durch die Verwendung einer einzigartigen wissenschaftlich fundierten Mischung, erhälst du ein mentales Upgrade, welches die Neurotransmitter im Gehirn optimiert, um einen positiven Einfluss auf Fokus, Gedächtnis und Motivation zu erreichen.

OmniMind ist völlig einzigartig. Die spezielle Kombination von Artischocken-Extrakt, Forskolin und L-Theanin, wurde nie zuvor in einer Nahrungsergänzung verwendet. Sie ermöglicht eine allgemeine Verbesserung in allen Teilen des Gehirns. Vitamine, Aminosäuren, Koffein sind unterstützende Inhaltsstoffe, die dafür verantwortlich sind, OmniMind zu einem der besten Nootropics der Welt zu machen. 

Für wen ist OmniMind geeignet?

  • Leistungsträger
  • Sport und Fitness-Profis
  • Entrepreneurs und Business Executives
  • Studenten
  • Alle, die ihre mentale Leistungsfähigkeit steigern wollen

Wie viele Kapseln solltest du nehmen?

Die empfohlene Portionsgröße beträgt 2-3 Kapseln mit einem Glas Wasser auf nüchternen Magen am Morgen. 

OmniMind hat keine Nebenwirkungen. Es wurde unter Einhaltung europäischer Gesetzgebung für Nahrungsergänzer hergestellt und von Ärzten und Spezialisten für Nootropics optimiert.





Effekt: Bessere Konzentrationsfähigkeit
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Artichoke Extract (Cynara Scolymus) [333mg pc]

Derived from the roots, leaves and stems of the artichoke plant, this extract is the main source of Luteolin, the only proven natural and safe inhibitor of Phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE-4). 

This inhibitor, which is responsible for hydrolyzing cAMP within the central nervous system, supports the optimal functioning and protection of the brain. Some of the nootropic effects of the PDE-4 inhibitor and Luteolin are improved long-term memory, enhanced focus and increased creativity.



Acetyl L Carnitine [33mg pc]

An amino acid that is naturally produced in the body and helps produce energy. 

Acetyl L-Carnitine is an acetylated form of the amino acid L-Carnitine, which can be synthesized in the liver and also present in many foods. ALCAR is known to help annihilate the effects of increased acetylcholinesterase on short-term memory and supports the energy levels in the brain.


Forslean TM - Forskolin (Coleus Forskohlii) [83mg pc]

Used since ancient times, Forskolin is derived from the Indian plant Coleus Forskohlii found in the subtropical regions of India and East-Africa.

Forskolin is responsible for the activation of the enzyme adenylyl cyclase, which converts Adenosine Tri Phosphate ( ATP) to Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (cAMP). This enhances the optimal support in our cognitive functioning, which results in an increased level of focusmotivation and memory.



L-Theanine [50mg pc]

This amino-acid is primarily extracted from green tea leaves or the edible mushroom bay bolete, commonly found in North America and Europe during the autumn season. 

L-Theanine is known to reach the brain following oral ingestion and is proven to reduce stress, improve attention and increase the immunity as well as play a preventive role in cancer.


Zinc [1mg pc]

Known for boosting the immune system, zinc has also been named an “essential trace element” due to the low quantity the human body needs. It is commonly used by athletes to improve their performance and strength.


L-Phenylalanine [133mg pc]

Also known as “the building block of protein”, this variation of the amino acid phenylalanine is essential for the synthesis of proteins and the production of neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine. It can be taken as a supplement or found in food sources such as meat, fish, cheese, eggs and milk. L-Phenylalanine contributes to a normal mental performance.



Iron [4,7 mg pc]

This mineral, usually found in the hemoglobin of red blood cells and the myoglobin of muscle cells has an important role in the human body for transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide. An iron deficiency results in anemia. Iron supplements are taken to heal anemia and improve thinkinglearning and memory, as well as alleviate the symptoms of ADHD.


Vitamin B5 (calcium-d-pantothenate) [1mg pc]

Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic Acid is the amide between pantoic acid and β-alanine. The name Pantothenic derives from the Greek pantothen (πάντοθεν), meaning " from everywhere. Studies have proven the relation between Vitamin B5 and the contribution to our mental performance.


L-Tyrosine [33mg pc]

Tyrosine is one of the twenty natural alpha amino acids who contribute to the protein synthesis. Next to the natural presence, Tyrosine is used to reduces stress levels and optimize our conginitive functioning. In 1989, Banderet Le and Lieberman HR have done a research which shows that soldiers who took the supplementation of Tyrosine experience less stress, less tiredness and better mental capabilities(Brain Res Bull, 1989 Apr;22(4):759-62.)PMID 2736402


Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) [2mg pc]

Niacin or Vitamin B3 is a vitamin that can be generate in the body through the amino acid tryptophane. EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority has confirmed several health benefits for the dietary intake of vitamin B3 (Niacin). The most common one are of Vitamin B3 (Niacin) contributing to normal energy-yielding metabolism, the normal function of the nervous system, normal psychological functions and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.


Caffeine Anhydrous [50mg pc]

Caffeine occurs naturally in the leaves, fruits or seeds from more than 60 plant species. For example in coffee beans, yerba mate leafs, guarana seeds, and cacao beans. Caffeine belongs to the group of ingredients that stimulates the central nervous system. Therefore, caffeine may help to restore mental alertness. In OmniMind, Caffeine is represented in combination with theanine. Studies have shown the combination of both as long lasting, more effective and without a small dip when the caffeine is not anymore present in the body. Under the section Scientific Research, you can find more background information about this cooperation. Caffeine is recognized by the Food and Drug Administration as generally recognized as safe (GRAS). 


Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) [1,4mg pc]

Vitamin B6 is the term used to refer to a group of natural pyridine derivatives and their phosphate esters which can be converted into each other in the body. Vitamin B6 acts as a co- factor of a large number of enzymes that are involved in the amino acid metabolism and other nitrogen -containing compounds, in the cell energy metabolism and on lipid metabolism. Vitamin B6 has an important role in the conversion of amino acids to the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).


* Each ingredient of OMNIMIND is accompanied with a Certificate of Analyses confrom European dietary food supplements standard.


** OMNIMIND's premium ingredients are produced under following quality regulations:

  • GMP – certified environment
  • ISO 22000
  • HACCP 
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